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get the latest events and gigs aroud your area

available on play store and soon coming to Apple Store

There is no need for the user to signup or register, all you have to do is download Turnup Pin and enjoy.

getting latest events and gigs around your area has never been this simple and easy.

  • You can view events or gigs by distance.
  • You can sort events or gigs in alphabetical orde.
  • Or you can simply type the event or gig name in the search bar.

when using turnup pin, you can go to an event or gig knowing what to expect, no surprises.

  • You get to see event details.
    • Entrance fee.
    • The venue where event is held.
    • Lineup of acts that will be at the event.
    • You even get to see wht the even Dress Code is.

with turnup pin, looking for turnups around you is as simple as a tabbing a button.

  • You get clubs and lounges listed by distance from where you are.
  • You can sort the clubs and lounges in alphabetical order.
  • Or simply just type the name of the club or lounge you are looking for on the searchbar.

in case you need to book or contact a club or launge, you can find club or lounge details on turnup pin.

  • You get to see club or lounge details.
    • Get directions to the club or lauge.
    • Get contact details of that place.
    • See that place's upcoming and past events.

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